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Top KPIs for measuring email success

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Campaign Measurement

Track these essential email metrics to analyze email campaign success.

  • Open Rate : a measure that indicates the percentage of opened emails for a specific email marketing campaign. The open rate is calculated by taking the number of people who open the email and dividing it by the number of emails sent that did not bounce.
  • Click Rate or Click-through Rate : a percentage that tells you how many successfully delivered emails had one or more links clicked.
  • Click-to-open Rate (CTOR) : the percentage of people who opened your email who then clicked a link within that email.
  • Conversion Rate : a measure of the number of users who converted as a percentage of the total number of delivered emails. If the goal is a product sale and you get a five percent conversion rate, then for every 100 people who clicked on your email hyperlink and went to the landing page, five bought the product and 95 did not.
  • Unsubscribe Rate, also called an Opt Out Rate : the percentage of your subscribers who ask to be removed from the mailing list each time you send an email.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) : a measure of the profitability of email marketing. The formula is (amount earned – amount spent)/amount spent.
  • Forwarding Rate : the percentage of recipients who have shared your email with a friend by hitting the share button or forwarding it on.

List Health

Maintaining a healthy subscriber list is an essential part of getting emails delivered to the recipient’s inbox. Watch for changes over time in the following KPIs.

  • List Growth : Your goal will probably be to grow your subscriber list. The formula is ([(Number of new subscribers) minus (Number of unsubscribes + email/spam complaints)] ÷ Total number of email addresses on your list) x 100
  • Bounce Rate : a bounce is an email that doesn’t get delivered to the recipient be­cause the email address you sent it to isn’t valid or active.
  • Spam Complaint Rate : the number of people who reported email as spam out of the total number of people who received the email.
  • Revenue / Value per Email Subscriber :  the average monetary value of a subscriber on a company’s email list. It is an indication of how committed an existing list of subscribers is to your business.
  • Inbox Placement Rate (IPR) : is the rate of emails that were delivered to the inbox rather than the spam or junk folder.